Red Castle is Hosting the SCG Regional Championships!

Red Castle has the privilege of Hosting the Regional Championships! This Saturday October 15th! The first 200 players to preregister for the SCG Regional Championship will receive a this FREE play mat and matching token! Pretty Swanky, right?


We will be hosting this special event at the Double Tree Portland near the Lloyd Center.
Portland DoubleTree
1000 NE Multnomah St,
Portland, OR 97232
Reduced Price Parking Passes Available!

Main Event: Regional Championship – 10/15/2016

8:00am Door Open, 9:15am Player Meetings, 9:30am Round 1 Start


Event Fee:

Championship Prize Structure:

4X Planeswalker Point Multiplier

1st Place: $1,200, 20 SCG Points, Qualification for a StarCityGames.comInvitational

2nd Place: $600, 15 SCG Points, Qualification for a StarCityGames.comInvitational

3rd-4th: $400, 10 SCG, Qualification for a Invitational

5th-8th: $200, 8 SCG Points, Qualification for a StarCityGames.comInvitational

9th-16th: $100, 6 SCG Points

17th-32nd: $50, 4 SCG Points

33rd-64th: 3 SCG Points

65th+: 1 SCG Point

Side Events:

PPTQ Sealed, 2pm, $35
IQ Modern, 3pm, $30
On Demand Standard $15 (8 players Single Elimination, winner gets a booster box of Kaladesh)
On Demand Draft $15 (Swiss, 1 Kaladesh pack per win)
On Demand Conspiracy Draft $15 (4 player pods, winner gets 6 packs)


You can preregister for any of the events in store or online! Have any questions? Give us a call at 503-774-4263 or shoot us a message on our various social media outlets or email to

See you all this weekend at Double Tree!


Starting Monday September 5 …

Red Castle Games will once again be opening at noon. Our new hours will be:

Mon – Thu 12pm – 10pm

Fri 12pm to 12am

Sat – Sun 10am to 10pm

See you sooner!

Lionheart Kombucha

herosblend-white-104x300Lionheart Kombucha is a delicious drink made locally by one of Red Castle’s own customers. It comes in a variety of kombucha flavors and an amazing Ginger Brew variety. My personal favorite is Hero’s Blend, a delicious mix of herbs, it contains no sugar but packs a whole lot of flavor! Any are a delight and make for a refreshing choice during your gaming session!


Captain America Civil War


Captain America Civil War is playing at the cheap theaters. Lets see what Kiara thought of it:

I just want to start by saying that Age of Ultron Marvel Cinematic Universe had me concerned that the golden age of comic book movies was at an end and that the films were taking a sharp turn for the worse. I’m happy to say that Civil War completely relieved all of those fears.

Tonally, this movie was spot on. Serious when it had to be, sad when appropriate, and interjected with the one liners and puns and light comedic relief one expects from the MCU. And unlike in Age of Ultron, the comedy wasn’t forced. It wasn’t two-dimensionally self-referential. The jokes weren’t self-serving “hey remember this other film?” moments, but instead actual in-character quips that were meant to lighten the characters and the audience. It is also good to its characters. Civil War goes to lengths at several points to undo the disservice done to Black Widow in Age of Ultron, returning her agency and fire. It gives more depth and breadth to Scarlet Witch, a character barely explored previously, and brings human elements to Vision while still highlighting how utterly artificial he is. Spiderman is perhaps the closest he’s ever been to his comic book self (though I will always be sad they went with yet another Peter Parker instead of Miles), and even Antman, whose lackluster film failed to highlight why it was about him instead of Wasp, proved to be an interesting, inventive, and slightly goofy character. And, well, Black Panther is fantastic. I can hardly wait until 2017 for his film. Very solid characterization and the costume and the arc and really everything. He’s great. Go watch him.

My main critique is the early action sequences. They divert from the landing of the punches most of the time, leaving the action unfulfilling, and there are a lot of cuts. It takes away from the dynamic action sequences they clearly tried to film in the first half of the film, but by the end the action shots are long, and panning and show a full field of vision of the fights. Admittedly this is likely because most of the later fights involve a lot of CG, so they don’t have to cut to hide a hit not landing since the hit was never real to begin with, but the difference between the early and later sequences is stark. Also, don’t see it in 3D. The only thing that really pops out with the 3D is the title cards for locations. It’s not worth the extra expense and adds nothing to the film but a potential headache. Overall, I would rate this film a solid A or A-. The technical issues were distracting but the actors are fantastic, the writing is on par with the first Captain America, and they juggle the large cast very well. Definitely a film I look forward to owning.


Distended Mindbender

dmbDistended Mindbender is a card that was just recently printed in the latest set of Magic the Gathering, Eldritch Moon. It features a new mechanic called emerge. Emerge lets you sacrifice a creature to cast a spell for its emerge cost minus the CMC*  of the sacrificed creature. In the case of Distended Mindbender it is an 8 drop with an emerge cost of 5BB, when you cast Distended Mindbender target opponent reveals their hand and you choose a nonland card with CMC of 3 or less and a nonland card with CMC 4 or greater and they discard them.  

This card is fantastic! I wasn’t too sure about it at first considering the emerge cost seems kind of high and the card itself cost 8 generic mana on its own but having been able to play it for myself, I can safely say the card lives up to the hype. Being able to cast it on turn four seems bad but that control over your opponent  is very, very much worth it. Seeing their hand and making them lose their best cards at this point gives you an excellent advantage on top of being able to play around the cards you didn’t make them discard earlier and all of this attached to a 5/5 is just fabulous.

I predict this will see a ton of standard play in green/black and black/white control shells, maybe blue? We’ll have to wait and see this coming Pro-Tour! In modern, I could see it in a mid-range control shell maybe in the blue/black Ashiok Nightmare Weaver rogue deck. Emerging into a creature that gives you value like Desperate Sentry is the cherry on top of this already amazing card that gives me very high hopes for it.  


PPTQ Honolulu

TPP 160x600 webhe Kaladesh Pro Tour will be in Honolulu this October, and our Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier is your first step on the way there!

Format: Eternal Masters Sealed Swiss followed by Top 8 Eternal Masters Draft
Entry Price: $79.99
Deck Construction begins at 11am, Registration at 10am. Pre-Register in store or online here

This event has a cap of 64 players.

All players are eligible to play in a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for this season except the following:

Players who have already won a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier during the current qualification season.

Players with a Pro Tour Players Club Platinum Level, Gold Level, or Silver level (as of the date of the Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier).

Players that are members of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.

Players who are otherwise already qualified for that season’s Regional Pro Tour Qualifier

Prize Structure

Happy Salmon



Happy Salmon is a real time card game where everyone’s goal is to get rid of their cards.  Player’s frantically call out one of four actions that they will perform with someone with a matching card.  There are well known actions such as “Pound it” and “High five” as well as the hilarious “Happy Salmon” which is two players slapping each other’s arms in a salmon like motion.  It sounds crazy, it looks ridiculous, but man is it fun! Plays 3-6 players.


Pretty Pretty Smash Up!


Do you love majestic unicorns, fluffy kittens, regal princesses and feisty fairies? Pretty Pretty Smash Up is the Smash Up expansion of your glittery rainbow dreams! With four new factions, Pretty Pretty Smash Up is sure to bring something new to your Smash Up battles if you’re a grizzled veteran or introduce you to the game in style if you’re a new player.

Combine two factions to create your very own team and fight your way to victory with some of the prettiest, most adorable minions anyone has ever seen! Each faction is fully compatible with previous Smash Up factions which means you can create delightful combinations like DINOSAURS AND KITTY CATS to form a powerful army that will help you score and win control of every base. Overall, Pretty Pretty Smash Up is a delightful addition to the popular Smash Up series that brings in some new minion abilities and charming art to add some bright colors and the power of cuteness to your Smash Up library.


Eldritch Horror


Eldritch Horror is the perfect game for fans of H.P. Lovecraft, weird horror and cooperative games with a roleplaying element to them. It is a modified version of its more complex predecessor Arkham Horror, and requires less of a time commitment and patience to learn how to play. While Arkham Horror can take 4 players all day to play, Eldritch Horror is designed to play in under 2 hours while still embodying all the existential dread beloved to fans of Arkham Horror and Lovecraftian fiction.

In Lovecraft’s stories, the protagonists face the fear and dread of hidden forces that, once revealed, usually cause them to go insane and gibber on about non-Euclidian geometry, indescribably colored fungus and unnameable gods. In this beautifully designed board game, players are given the chance to quell the unspeakable horror of the Elder Gods and save humanity.

You will play an investigator with unique abilities that will aid you in your struggle with an Ancient One and his minions. You must travel the world and to otherworldly dimensions gathering hidden clues, solving Eldritch mysteries, and fighting hideous monsters to prevent the slumbering Ancient One from awakening. You will have your fellow investigators and various Lovecraftian companions to help you as you acquire the necessary equipment and skills for success, but be warned! this game fights back! Like Lovecraft’s characters, investigators are likely to be driven insane from reading blasphemous tomes, be cursed while trying to cast unutterable spells, and suffer various abnormal physical and mental afflictions, only to be devoured by an amorphous, tentacled entity lurking in the stygian darkness of his Cyclopean temple. Win or lose, the fun of this game is in the madness of the journey, but if your lucky, you may get the satisfaction of kicking Cthulhu’s squamous butt!




Do you like moving puzzles? Rummikub is a spin off of the card game Gin Rummy. It starts out easy with runs and three of a kinds but as the board builds the combinations get harder! If you start your move but cannot finish you LOSE. How hard could that be? Like I said in the beginning it is simple but toward the end when you have twenty sets in front of you to keep track of it becomes much more of a memory game! Good for ages 10ish and up. I played a 5th grader at Thanksgiving and that kid almost kicked my butt.