Summoner Wars

Summoner Wars is a card game played on a grid based board where the object of the game is to slay your opponent’s Summoner. It plays very much like a miniatures game crossed with Magic:The Gathering. There are tons of different factions to play and they are very solid right out of the box. With the recent addition of second summoners and the reinforcement expansion packs, the variety and replay value is enormous. Summoner Wars has quickly become my favorite game to play on both the IOS as well as the physical copy. (Over 2000 games played on the IOS alone). If you are looking for a great two player game that features tactical game play with a little bit of dice rolling, check it out!




The game Tsuro is a strategic game of tile placement and path manipulation. Turn by turn the board will grow and your piece will continue to move in varying paths. Every time you move you are trying to force your opponent’s piece off the board while keeping yours from doing the same. This very fast paced game is great for groups as little as two players and up to eight and tons of fun for every age group. Though the game is very easy to play it is fairly difficult to master as it is a game where you are battling the mind of your opponent and trying to overcome them.


DC Comics Deckbuilding Game


DC Comics Deck-Building is a fast-paced card game of skill and strategy. Similar to other deck building games such as Dominion and Star Realms, DC Deckbuilding takes its own twist on the genre. After choosing your favorite superhero and utilizing their special abilities you will combat your opponents by gaining victory points and giving your enemies weaknesses while all the while fending off the Super Villains! Wonder Woman! Batman! Aquaman! Green Lantern! Who will you choose?