Did you ever wonder who would win a fight between an owl that is very stupid but has super strength and an elf with a glitter cannon and an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Wars? Or how about a fight between Dune’s Paul Atreides, wielding a sword and with the ability to turn into Kirby at will, and a velociraptor that can fly and set anything on fire? According to my friends the raptor wins, but in the game of Superfight, results can vary wildly.

Superfight is one of those rare games that you can start playing and stop playing whenever you please. In most party games, everyone sits down and is in it for the long haul, and, if someone gets up to go to the bathroom, the whole game gets put on pause. Superfight avoids this problem which means if someone gets knocked out of their game of choice – Munchkin, Risk, etc. -at a big party with multiple games, they can join in on Super Fight until their next game starts. Or a group can even play a side game while other players take their turns.

A game about debating imaginary things with imaginary powers (or detriments, potentially) sounds silly, but it gets to be pretty entertaining pretty fast. And the expansions only improve upon this by allowing you to change the game from a fight to a quidditch match or a trivia contest between rounds, or even throw in surprise challenges to overcome like doing all of this in a sandstorm or during a kitten stampede. Other expansions can make the game more PG, less PG, add nerdy cards, and even locations to the fight!
Overall, this is probably my favorite big group party game available right now.



Party Games for A Great New Year’s Eve Party

New Year’s Eve parties are a fantastic time to get together with friends and play some board games. With so many people, it can often be challenging to find a game that everyone in your group will enjoy or that can support a larger number of players. Never fear! We have some suggestions that are sure to be a hit at your party!



Codenames is one of this year’s best new games for a large group. The premise is that there are two rival leaders who are each in charge of a group of spies. The leaders are each trying to contact all of their agents before their nemesis by dropping hints to their team so that they can find each other without accidentally making contact with a member of the opposing team or, even worse, an assassin. To accomplish this, the spymasters give one word hints related to words on the board that represent the names of their spies; the team that unlocks the names of all of their spies first wins. Codenames is easy to learn, supports lots of players, and keeps everyone actively engaged in gameplay making it the perfect game for any party!



If you’re looking for a way to introduce comedy to your party, consider Telestrations. In Telestrations, each player has a small dry erase notebook and a marker and is given a secret prompt which they must attempt to illustrate in their notebook. Players then pass their notebooks to the right where the next player must guess what the prompt was, players will pass the notebooks to the right again and the next player will try to illustrate the second player’s guess. This cycle continues until the notebooks have been passed all the way around the circle and returned to the original players. Get ready to laugh as you see how far the final guess is from the original prompt! Telestrations is a hilarious, lively game that will brighten your party! It is even available in an adult “After Dark” version or a deluxe version that accommodates up to twelve players.



Do you and your friends love a great debate? Then Superfight is the game for you! Superfight presents players with a character, a super power, and a weakness and then players decide who they believe would win in a fight and vote on their choices. Superfight sparks conversation between party guests and is sure to entertain. Try Superfight if you want to ensure the conversation at your party stays animated and spirited.

Wits and Wagers


Wits and Wagers is a trivia game like no other. Players are given a question and place bets on the answer using the betting mat. Not a trivia buff? Think someone else might be? You can bet on another player’s bet! The closest answer pays out and the winning players receive victory points. With a variety of strategies for placing bets by basing them on your own knowledge, the specialties of your friends, or even following a hunch, a game of Wits and Wagers will make your party exciting and enjoyable.

The Resistance


If you love games of deception and deduction, The Resistance is the perfect game for your party. In The Resistance players are divided into two factions, Resistance Operatives and Imperial Spies. The identities of the spies are known to each other but the Resistance Operatives are left to deduce the identities of other players. Players vote on which people to send on a mission, debate with other players about their choices, and then vote on the success or failure or a mission. The Resistance creates heated discussions as players try to discover the identities of others and bring their team to success by winning three missions.
Any one of these games would make a wonderful addition to your New Year’s Eve party. Games make meeting new people easier, facilitate conversation, and provide entertainment. Bring one home and make your party a real hit!

Holiday Shopping Guide

Shopping for the gamers in your life can be challenging. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve got suggestions for every Magic player, role player, and tabletop gamer on your list.

Magic Players

What should you get the Magic player who has everything? They play in tournaments with the most competitive decks and have a collection of cards big enough to open their own store. It seems like they have every card they need. You’d like to give them a great gift that shows them you appreciate them and support their favorite hobby but you don’t know where to begin. We recommend you try Magic accessories!


Sleeves: a dedicated player can never have too many sleeves to protect their collection. Why not get them some? We have a wide selection in a variety of colors and price ranges. They make a great stocking stuffer too!


Deck Boxes: A sturdy deck box will help a Magic player keep their favorite deck safe and stylish! Available in a wide array of styles, you’re sure to find one they will love.


Playmats: A playmat helps protect cards from the potential dangers of a sticky or dirty table, makes cards easier to move around and pick up, and allows players to express themselves. Available with everything from cute animals and epic fantasy scenes to simple, solid colors, there is a mat out there for every player.

Is there a budding Magic player on your shopping list? Do you want to teach someone the game? There are some great gifts out there for beginning players!


Intro Decks and Duel Decks: These are pre-constructed decks that make learning to play a cinch. Each of these decks come with directions made specially for new players and, if you’re looking to teach someone new, you can buy a duel deck or clash pack and have two decks ready to play as soon as they open their presents.


Deck Builder’s Toolkit: Are they ready to try building their own decks? The Deck Builder’s Toolkit is a fantastic way to get them started! The Toolkit includes enough cards to help them build a deck or two as well as a few booster packs to add to the fun.


The Holiday Gift Box: The Holiday Gift Box is a great gift for a new Magic player. The gift box itself gives them a nice way to store and organize their growing collection complete with dividers and a collection of stickers to organize their cards by type or color. The box also comes with four booster packs of cards to add to their collection.

Role Players

Shopping for someone who loves role playing games? We’ve got plenty of exciting options to outfit them for their next adventure!


5th Edition Starter Set: Is someone on your list new to Dungeons and Dragons? The 5th Edition Starter Set is a fantastic way to get them started! Complete with pre-made characters and a story that will take them up to level 5, the 5th Edition Starter Box will give new players a perfect introduction to the world of role playing games.


Spell Book Cards: Spell Book Cards are a great gaming aids for experienced players and new gamers alike! Help them keep track of their spells and make gameplay run smoothly. Also great for GMs!



Adventure Guides: Give their gaming group the gift of adventure! A new adventure or story for their role playing platform of choice will give them hours of enjoyment.


Dice: Everybody loves dice! A shiny new set of dice given to them by a loved one are sure to bring their characters luck!

Tabletop Gamers

The possibilities are endless when you’re shopping for a tabletop enthusiast! With so many games to choose from, finding the perfect game is no problem.


Pandemic: If you’re looking for a great cooperative gaming experience, look no further! Pandemic is a fantastic pick for your friends that prefer to avoid competitive games and would rather work towards a common goal with their friends. In this case, the goal is to prevent an outbreak of disease that could end the world! Pandemic also has a lots of expansions to add variety to gameplay provide even more hours of fun.


Dead of Winter: Has someone you know played Betrayal at House on the Hill so many times that they’ve practically memorized every possible scenario? Give them something new to play with Dead of Winter! Like Betrayal, Dead of Winter is a horror co-op game that tells a different story every time you play. Additionally, there is a possibility that someone among you may be a traitor! Tensions build as players are given a limited number of rounds to accomplish a shared goal as well as a secret goal of their own.


Smash Up: Smash Up is a game with near endless possibilities! Make a team composed of two factions and play them together to win victory points and foil your opponent’s’ plans. Smash Up offers an amazing variety of gameplay experience through the myriad of possible faction combinations. Give them a few expansions for even more choices! Since there are factions as diverse as kittens and robots, there’s a faction for everyone in your game group.

We hope these suggestions make your holiday shopping a bit easier. Stop by the store to say hello and we will be happy to help you find the perfect gifts for the gamers in your life! Happy Holidays! 

Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game


Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game is a fully cooperative deck building game set in the universe of the first four Alien movies for 1-5 players ages 17+. Based on the Marvel Legendary deck building game, it is very similar to its superhero counterpart with a few major differences: Players choose a role at the start of the game; roles determine how much health you have and give you a special card you add to your starting deck. Enemies are hidden and must be scanned before you can attack them. Enemies attack players. This game is super thematic and OH MY GOD ITS AWESOME I LOVE IT!

Players start with one of ten “Character Role” cards such as Gunner, Medic, or Researcher plus the same basic deck of “Character” cards in hand. At the start of their turn, players draw a card from the “Hive Deck” which is full of Aliens and other horrible things that want to end you and places it face down in the complex. Then you’ll play cards from your hand to generate attacks in order to kill Aliens creeping into your complex, earn income to recruit more Characters into your deck, and other fun special abilities to help fight the hordes of vile parasites overrunning your complex. You win if players survive long enough to complete three objectives that recall the events of the Alien movies. You loose if everyone dies. Players can be eliminated in this game and, while I usually hate that in games, it totally makes sense in the context of this game. Player elimination gives the game a sense of dread and desperation and players do not usually have to sit out for very long once they have been eliminated. Whatever play on your phone or something I dunno. Watch how the game pans out? That’s fun too. You’ll figure it out.

This game can be really hard and that is fine. It gives the game the dream-like quality that is so present in the Alien movies. The game is definitely winnable and the rules have suggestions to scale the difficulty. Also advanced rules add secret objectives, an Alien player, and possibly even a traitor! All 600 cards have wonderful and sometimes gruesome custom artwork. So you know, don’t be getting this for your kid.

While not fully compatible with Marvel Legendary, you can add villains to the Aliens Deck and Heroes to the Characters Deck and as well as add Aliens and Characters to Marvel Legendary‘s equivalent decks.

Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game is great! And a long title, but yeah its really good! I can’t stress that enough. I guess I could. ITS FUN I LIKE IT! YOU SHOULD PROBABLY LOOK INTO IT BUT THATS UP TO YOU!