Shadows Over Innistrad Coming Soon



The weather is getting warmer and as spring approaches so does Shadows over Innistrad! Shadows over Innistrad prerelease weekend is Saturday, April 2-Sunday, April 3 and we have lots of events planned all weekend long to make sure that you get a good look at the new set. Our event schedule for the weekend is as follows:

Friday, April 1st:

11:59pm- Sealed ($25 entry, $30 day of)

Saturday, April 2nd:

10:30am- Two-Headed Giant ($50 entry per team, $60 day of)

1:30pm- Sealed ($25 entry, $30 day-of)

7:30pm- Two-Headed Giant ($50 entry per team, $60 day of)

Sunday, April 3rd:

12:00pm- Two-Headed Giant ($50 entry per team, $60 day of)

5:30pm- Sealed ($25 entry, $30 day of)

Players can preregister for the Friday Sealed at the store until 6:00pm that evening and for all other events until the end of the day before the event. Price of entry includes the packs needed to play in the event as well as a promo and prize support.

We are also taking preorders for boxes ($94.99), fat packs ($33.99), deckbuilder’s toolkits ($16.99), gift boxes ($19.99), and singles until April 3rd. Stop by the store to preregister and preorder today!


Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small


Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small is a fun two-player strategy game about livestock farming. Each player is a farmer seeking to expand their farm and their collection of animals, but with a limited number of actions available. Farmers need resources like wood and stone to build fences and stalls to hold their livestock, or else the animals will run away. But if a farmer waits too long to gather animals, the other player may have taken them all! An endless variety of strategies are available; even more strategies can be added by playing with the “More Buildings” expansion, which add new flavor and dimension to the game. This is also the perfect way to introduce a new player to the original Agricola without overwhelming them as it is much simpler but maintains the structure and planning elements of Agricola.
Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small–don’t buy a pig without it!


T.I.M.E Stories

One of the latest, and most interesting, trends in board games is the inclusion of innovative storytelling and campaign elements that borrow elements from RPGs. T.I.M.E. Stories from Space Cowboys and designer Manuel Rozoy falls squarely in that category. It is not necessarily a “legacy” game, like Risk: Legacy or Pandemic: Legacy, that permanently changes the game after every play, but it offers a unique experience that I have never seen before.
T.I.M.E. Stories is a fully cooperative game for 2-4 players; everyone wins or loses together. The players are future time agents sent to the past to correct some wrongdoing which has messed up the temporal state of things. Each player inhabits a person, or “receptacle” as the game calls it, to solve the mystery. You can think of it as the film Timecop mashed with the 90s TV show Quantum Leap.
The story, and the meat of the game itself, is contained in a large stack of cards that you’ll want to keep sealed until players are ready. After getting the basics from the rulebook, it is time to open the deck where you will receive instructions from your mission leaders on how to set up the scenario, including choosing receptacles, and placing the decks of items and locations on the board.
The game includes the first adventure “Asylum,” which sends players back to investigate a macabre insane asylum in 1921. The chosen receptacles are unique to the adventure, and each one includes stats for skill tests that will frequently come up as players explore the different cards in a location.
Each time players “open” a location, the indicated cards are spread out to form a panorama. Players have tokens to indicate what part of the location they might want to explore. After choosing, each player takes a turn reading and paraphrasing what happens when they visit that area. They may get an item (picking the appropriate item number from the items deck), additional story information, or may have a skill check to perform using dice. Once they are done, players can “close” that location and move on to another one, selecting the appropriate set of cards from the locations deck.
Due to the technology used in time travel, players have a limited amount of time to explore and solve the mystery, which is represented by Temporal Units (TU). Actions like skill tests and changing locations on the map cost TU; when players run out, they are pulled back to the future and the mission is a failure. Fortunately, this is time travel, so players can zip back to try again. The included tray insert is nicely designed to “save” the game if players need to stop at any time and pick it up again later.
An interesting aspect of the game is the usage of “state tokens,” tokens that are rewarded to you that will “unlock” indicated cards later. This makes the game seem more intelligent and reactive by keeping track of what you have done and helping to keep the story fluid.
T.I.M.E. Stories is a fantastic experience for those who have played cooperative games like Arkham Horror or Pandemic, and are looking for an immersive storytelling experience or just something different. The art and the story are top-notch. There were jaw-dropping moments in the game. However, T.I.M.E. Stories isn’t for everyone. Some may not like the idea of a game that is essentially finished after 4 hours of play. The story elements of “Asylum” rely on horror-occult themes and are not family-friendly.  Space Cowboys will be releasing at least four more adventure decks taking time agents all over history. I highly recommend it and can’t wait to play more!

The Doubleclicks are Returning to Red Castle!


Do you love cats, dinosaurs, and live music? Then the Doubleclicks are your new favorite band! The Doubleclicks are a local musical duo that play geeky, folky, and often funny songs and they’re playing a family-friendly concert at our store! Join us Saturday, February 13 at 2:00pm for a fabulous afternoon of music, comedy, and coloring pages!

Tickets are $10.00 per person or $20.00 per family. Half of the price of entry is store credit you can use to buy anything at Red Castle!