Boss Monster


Have you ever played a role-playing video game, delving into dungeons, dismantling traps, killing monsters and thought “I could build a better dungeon than this?” With the Boss Monster board game from BrotherWise Games, you can!

Boss Monster is a competitive game for 2-4 players, where your goal as the boss monster of a dungeon is to build the most efficient dungeon for hero-killing that you can. You start out simply, with just one room, but as the game progresses you can build new rooms, upgrade your existing rooms and hinder your opponents’ attempts to build their dungeons.

You score by luring unsuspecting heroes into your dungeon with rumors of the types of treasures hiding in your lair – warriors, for example, like enchanted weaponry, while rogues prefer sacks of gold – and killing them before they can reach you, the Boss Monster. If they reach the end of the dungeon and face you, they deal damage. 10 points from defeated heroes will win you the game, and 5 damage from the heroes will make you lose.

Boss Monster can get really cutthroat so don’t go into this game expecting an easy time; your opponents are out to win just like you are so forging alliances can be risky because you never know what other players have in their hands.

In addition to Boss Monster, there is Boss Monster 2, which has different bosses, new heroes with silly flavor text, new room & spell cards, and can be played as an expansion or stand-alone game. Additionally, the recent release of the Boss Monster Collector’s Box makes me think there is more Boss Monster in our future.



My Happy Farm

IMGP9725My Happy Farm is an excellent time management game that adults can enjoy with children. The goal of the game is to be the farmer that has the happiest cow, rabbit, pig, and sheep. To make your animals happy, you buy seeds, grow crops, harvest the crops, and feed them to your animals. You have to time planting and harvesting just right or you might lose your crops!

The rules are very straightforward, at the start of your turn you draw a crop card, then grow the crops you planted in previous turns, and, lastly, you take two actions. The actions you have to choose from are buying seeds, planting seeds, harvesting crops, feeding animals your harvested crops, selling a crop, and taking a coin from the bank. You only get two actions each turn and have to think ahead to get the most out of each turn. At the end of the game, the best fed, happiest animals score points and help you win!

My Happy Farm is for 2-4 players, ages 6+, plays in less than 30 minutes, and costs $29.99.

Cat Tower


When all your dried fish are too high for your poor kitty self to reach, what do you do? Ask your other cat friends to help of course!

Cat Tower is a dexterity-ish game where your goal is to build a cat tower to reach the fish, and ends when one player has no more cats in hand. A die tells you how to stack your cats, increasing the variance, and the cardboard kitties all have super cute faces!

Whether you are playing with your friends at the bar or your children at home, this is a pretty great little dexterity game for all ages (though it recommends 6+).

My only critique is that because the cards are cardboard, I’m concerned that the constant folding to play and unfolding to put away will eventually render the cards unusable. But for now that is a fun little game, and the 20$ price point is pretty reasonable considering how much play you can get out of it.