Pretty Pretty Smash Up!


Do you love majestic unicorns, fluffy kittens, regal princesses and feisty fairies? Pretty Pretty Smash Up is the Smash Up expansion of your glittery rainbow dreams! With four new factions, Pretty Pretty Smash Up is sure to bring something new to your Smash Up battles if you’re a grizzled veteran or introduce you to the game in style if you’re a new player.

Combine two factions to create your very own team and fight your way to victory with some of the prettiest, most adorable minions anyone has ever seen! Each faction is fully compatible with previous Smash Up factions which means you can create delightful combinations like DINOSAURS AND KITTY CATS to form a powerful army that will help you score and win control of every base. Overall, Pretty Pretty Smash Up is a delightful addition to the popular Smash Up series that brings in some new minion abilities and charming art to add some bright colors and the power of cuteness to your Smash Up library.


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  1. This game is fun!



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