Red Castle is Hosting the SCG Regional Championships!

Red Castle has the privilege of Hosting the Regional Championships! This Saturday October 15th! The first 200 players to preregister for the SCG Regional Championship will receive a this FREE play mat and matching token! Pretty Swanky, right?


We will be hosting this special event at the Double Tree Portland near the Lloyd Center.
Portland DoubleTree
1000 NE Multnomah St,
Portland, OR 97232
Reduced Price Parking Passes Available!

Main Event: Regional Championship – 10/15/2016

8:00am Door Open, 9:15am Player Meetings, 9:30am Round 1 Start


Event Fee:

Championship Prize Structure:

4X Planeswalker Point Multiplier

1st Place: $1,200, 20 SCG Points, Qualification for a StarCityGames.comInvitational

2nd Place: $600, 15 SCG Points, Qualification for a StarCityGames.comInvitational

3rd-4th: $400, 10 SCG, Qualification for a Invitational

5th-8th: $200, 8 SCG Points, Qualification for a StarCityGames.comInvitational

9th-16th: $100, 6 SCG Points

17th-32nd: $50, 4 SCG Points

33rd-64th: 3 SCG Points

65th+: 1 SCG Point

Side Events:

PPTQ Sealed, 2pm, $35
IQ Modern, 3pm, $30
On Demand Standard $15 (8 players Single Elimination, winner gets a booster box of Kaladesh)
On Demand Draft $15 (Swiss, 1 Kaladesh pack per win)
On Demand Conspiracy Draft $15 (4 player pods, winner gets 6 packs)


You can preregister for any of the events in store or online! Have any questions? Give us a call at 503-774-4263 or shoot us a message on our various social media outlets or email to

See you all this weekend at Double Tree!



PPTQ Honolulu

TPP 160x600 webhe Kaladesh Pro Tour will be in Honolulu this October, and our Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier is your first step on the way there!

Format: Eternal Masters Sealed Swiss followed by Top 8 Eternal Masters Draft
Entry Price: $79.99
Deck Construction begins at 11am, Registration at 10am. Pre-Register in store or online here

This event has a cap of 64 players.

All players are eligible to play in a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for this season except the following:

Players who have already won a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier during the current qualification season.

Players with a Pro Tour Players Club Platinum Level, Gold Level, or Silver level (as of the date of the Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier).

Players that are members of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.

Players who are otherwise already qualified for that season’s Regional Pro Tour Qualifier

Prize Structure

Shadows Over Innistrad Coming Soon



The weather is getting warmer and as spring approaches so does Shadows over Innistrad! Shadows over Innistrad prerelease weekend is Saturday, April 2-Sunday, April 3 and we have lots of events planned all weekend long to make sure that you get a good look at the new set. Our event schedule for the weekend is as follows:

Friday, April 1st:

11:59pm- Sealed ($25 entry, $30 day of)

Saturday, April 2nd:

10:30am- Two-Headed Giant ($50 entry per team, $60 day of)

1:30pm- Sealed ($25 entry, $30 day-of)

7:30pm- Two-Headed Giant ($50 entry per team, $60 day of)

Sunday, April 3rd:

12:00pm- Two-Headed Giant ($50 entry per team, $60 day of)

5:30pm- Sealed ($25 entry, $30 day of)

Players can preregister for the Friday Sealed at the store until 6:00pm that evening and for all other events until the end of the day before the event. Price of entry includes the packs needed to play in the event as well as a promo and prize support.

We are also taking preorders for boxes ($94.99), fat packs ($33.99), deckbuilder’s toolkits ($16.99), gift boxes ($19.99), and singles until April 3rd. Stop by the store to preregister and preorder today!

The Doubleclicks are Returning to Red Castle!


Do you love cats, dinosaurs, and live music? Then the Doubleclicks are your new favorite band! The Doubleclicks are a local musical duo that play geeky, folky, and often funny songs and they’re playing a family-friendly concert at our store! Join us Saturday, February 13 at 2:00pm for a fabulous afternoon of music, comedy, and coloring pages!

Tickets are $10.00 per person or $20.00 per family. Half of the price of entry is store credit you can use to buy anything at Red Castle!

Oath of the Gatewatch is Coming!


The Oath of the Gatewatch prerelease weekend is fast approaching! We will have events all weekend long starting at midnight the night of Friday, January 15 through Sunday afternoon on January 17. Players can preregister for all prerelease events at the store. Preregistration for single player events is $25 and two-headed giant events are $50 (cost of preregistration covers both players). Preregistration for the midnight event closes at 6:00pm on January 15, at the end of the day on January 15 for all Saturday events, and at the end of the day on January 16 for all Sunday events. Entry for single player events will be $30 and $60 for two-headed giant for players registering day-of. Price of entry includes the packs needed for playing in the event as well as a promo and prize support. Our schedule of events for the weekend is as follows:


11:59pm: Midnight Release Sealed


10:30am: Two-Headed Giant (registration opens at 10:00)

1:30pm: Sealed

7:30pm (or after the 1:30pm sealed event ends): Two-Headed Giant


12:00pm: Sealed

6:30pm: Two-Headed Giant

It is not too late to preorder booster boxes or fat packs so stop by the store today!

The Battle for Zendikar Prerelease is Coming Up Soon!


It’s almost time for the Battle for Zendikar prerelease! We’ll be hosting events all weekend long starting at midnight the night of Friday, September 25 all the way until our final event for the weekend at 6:00 on Sunday, September 27. Preregistration for the single player events is $25 and $50 for the two-headed giant events or $30 for single player and $60 for two-headed giant if registering day-of. Preregistration closes at 6:00 on September 25 for the midnight prerelease, on Friday for all Saturday events, and on Saturday for all Sunday events. Register online or at the store. Price of entry includes the packs needed for playing in a sealed tournament as well as a promo and prize support. Our schedule of events is as follows:


Midnight Sealed


Noon Sealed

6:00pm Two-Headed Giant


Noon Sealed

Noon Two-Headed Giant

6:00pm Sealed

It’s also not too late to get in on preorders for booster boxes, fat packs, and singles! Preorders are available until Sunday, September 27. Booster boxes are $89.99 and fat packs are $29.99. All preorders are available both in-store and on our website.   

Modern Masters 2015 Release

The Modern Masters 2015 release is just around the corner! The much-anticipated set will be out this Friday, May 22 and we’ll be hosting a draft at this week’s Friday Night Magic. The draft will start at 6:45 and entry is $30– price of entry includes the three packs each player will need to draft with as well as a small prize payout. If you can’t make it to Friday’s draft you can still get in on the fun with our second Modern Masters draft on Sunday at 1:00. It’s also not too late to take advantage of our pre-order deal and pick up a box for $279.99. Come join us this weekend!

Red Castle Crash Bash!

Crash BashAs much of our community already knows, Red Castle Games was hit by a suspected drunk driver last Thursday, April 2. No one was hurt, however, the front of the building was smashed in and a lot of damage was done to the storefront. Unfortunately, we needed to close the store the following day for cleanup. The Red Castle community has been amazingly supportive over the course of this trying week; many of our dedicated customers and supporters came out to help us clean the debris from the crash so that we could open again for the weekend and even more people donated to our GoFundMe campaign to help us get some of the additional funding the store will need to repair the damage. We are looking forward to restoring our business to normal as soon as possible and we hope to provide Foster-Powell with a welcoming place to buy and play games for a very long time. We are very grateful for the love and support of our community and this weekend you can come help us out again. On Sunday, April 12, we will be throwing an in-store Crash Bash organized by members of our community. Come join us at noon for a nerdy concert with the PDX Broadsides, a raffle (including prizes from the Doubleclicks and Lee Moyer!), a scratch-and-dent auction/sale on board games damaged in the crash, pizza, and more! Admission to the concert is donation based. The entire event will be all-ages and family friendly making it a great way to spend a Sunday. Come celebrate the community that makes Red Castle great and ensure that we will continue to serve you for a long time to come!